Daily Drama – Great Escape

This week’s Hamster Wellness Check did not go well. Not at all. Today, I discovered during a lunch break while working from home both had made their Great Escape. Apparently someone had left the cage unlatched.

We won’t even discuss the total disaster they left in their wake on top of my son’s dresser including, shredded paper dresser, hamster shit, shavings, and who knows what else they left behind which I imagine can only be identified via black light.

Let’s just forgot about all of that and just discuss my near heart attack, shall we?

Of course I starting shrieking immediately, wondering where the rodents (aka Chinese Dwarf Hamsters with oversized testicles) could be at. My Layla girl was so alarmed by the racket I was making she decided to wait it out in the bathroom. I guess she WAS anticipating the tornado I created looking for those critters, overturning the clean laundry I had just folded, moving bookcases, dumping out bins of  Legos. I went ballistic!

I had to break away to get back to work, but later when my son came home it dawned on me…We needed to enlist Bosco’s help in the search and rescue mission! He has wanted himself a Hamster since the day they arrived, and I knew his nose was up to the task.

He could probably even get a job with the DEA. In fact, when my oldest (now in college) had a sleepover a few years back, he kept sniffing about in the guests belongings until I shooed him off. The next morning, he snuck back into her bedroom, then came downstairs all wiggly-butt with a baggie in his mouth. When I asked, “What this?,” he dropped it, and I noticed it was a bag of marijuana. No one ever did claim the stash.

Mr. Bosco sure did sniff the air looking for them hamsters.  His was sniffin’ up high so I knew they had to be in the dresser. There they were, snuggled in a top corner sleeping soundly. Comatose practically. Ah yes, they are nocturnal.  Fruckers!

That’s my Officer Boscorelli, living up to his namesake. Protect and Serve.

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