new MD Tale – I said What Now?

I have been singing my new MD high praises. Love her. Oh yes. I also love the access to the patient portal thingie where you can view and even print your own patient visits. Until I looked at a visit from a few weeks ago.

I said What Now? Because I sound like a total idiot. I do dig the Doc’s short-hand though.

Stressed out in general with life. Disaster in house. No carpet from July 4th. A lot do to with the situation. (Ya “The Situation.” Classic.) He is not the father of her children. Andrew is. But he raised youngest son. (Riiiight, but why DID I tell her that anyway? Does she care? Definitely TMI. Mind you this is not a Therapist, she’s an MD. lmao!)

She continues…

Lot to do with Work. Work of full-timer. Work at night. Work at home.  (I guess I had “work” on the brain during THAT visit).

Eats all hours of night.(Bahahhahaha. Didn’t I mention 2:30AM is a fine time for dinner?).

Topomax helps migraine. Makes her spacey. (Ya def doc. See hot guy in pic, but do not recognize him as daughter’s boyfriend, IS a problem). Fears folic acid can cause psychosis after friend sent her link on-line (Again, why do I sound like a COMPLETE jackass here?). I advised it is important to have the folic acid for good nerve func.

In closing I loooved the full list of Diagnoses, one of which is a newbie that, A. I have never seen before, B. She never told me about and, C. Even has a diagnoses code, Irritability.”

Who me? 

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