Daily Drama – Priceless

Sometimes the things my children say truly amaze me. Especially my oldest gal whom I fondly refer to as Princess Grace.

You see, as she was growing up she swore I was strictest parent across the land. Au contraire I told her. This could not be. There was and still lives a stricter parent than I. My father. A man of High Moral Fiber, he ran a far stricter household. However, since her grandfather has mellowed with age she believes this to be a tall tale I tell.

In any case, even if she is 20 now and technically an adult, while she is under my roof (which she is while she’s not away at college), she is to live under my rules. Sound familiar?

Yet in my Facebook inbox I just received a list of things she wants me to bring from home up to Maine when I visit her next week…

– ice scraper:  $5.00
– gas can: $15.00
– tinker bell top and black scrub pants (in the drawer with the beers)

BUT she’s not 21 yet unless I forget when I gave birth to her: PRICELESS


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