Daily Drama – I’m ba-ack

That would be me. After surviving a hellacious week, an amazing trip to Maine, a hurricane, and a couple of days with no power I am back on the grid. 

Fortunately, per usual, my children keep me grounded and my mini-me always has a way of cheering me up in her quiet way even though she may not have even the slightest idea of what is troubling me. Such as follows:

She and I were to head up to Maine early Friday AM to visit her sister. Unfortunately my week completely sucked and I was so by distraught by Friday morning I became quite delayed in getting ready AT ALL. Instead of pestering me as one may expect a child to do, she began packing and commenting along the way…

For instance, after she’d overheard a conversation I’d had with my boss on the telephone she asked me earnestly, “Does he know you’re a whack-job?” I erupted into laughter and responded, “Yes, I’m afraid he does, but why do you ask?” She began to mimic me making swallowing noises and said I kept repeating how a Customer was going to “swallow” someone whole, “womp, womp, womp.”

Annnnd, while the dogs napped together on the floor she decided to ask Bosco not only why did he have MORE nipples than Layla, but why were they bigger than hers. Yes. He did not respond. Nor did he answer her when she asked him if he sweats. She also grew concerned Layla was napping “too long” and woke her up saying she looked so still she was afraid she’d never wake up.

No, old Layla girl was just simply enjoying the new carpet.

So truly because of my mini-me I was motivated, and we were finally able to get up out of here for a few days.

But I’m ba-ack!

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