Daily Drama – Mom of the Year

Apparently I will not be winning the Mom of the Year award. Anywhere. 

What is it just barely breaking November? Right. Yet I have already managed to reach bitch status at my daughter’s High School, and now I am working my way up on the “Bad Mom” list at my son’s school as I am sure such a list does actually exist. You see just the other day I received a letter notifying me my boy could not be accepted into Fourth Grade without an “updated physical” from his doctor.

So I called the school and ask, “Well hang on now, I’m confused (because I am always confused)  -isn’t he already in Fourth Grade?” Yes in fact he is already there, and while his shots are to date his annual physical is not. Uh oh. Turns out, mom was so wrapped up in her own health crisis last spring, she clear skipped the appointment the Pediatrician said when I called them next. Wooow.

This week has already been a winner in the “Bad Mom” department as I discovered blocking porn and isolating the TVs to children’s channels  is *not* enough after my son gave me a 20 minute “Do Not Vote for So and So” speal over breakfast the other day. I asked him where he had learned this latest tid-bit, and he tells me, “U-tube.”

Clearly I have some work to do.

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