week Tale – Buck it Up

So I’ve had another two mildly traumatic week partially induced by the pre-and-post election action posted all over Facebook. I do have a habit of over-analyzing things and internalizing stress. My own and that of others. Probably not the best idea.

Therefore, I called my very wise father to tell him how I was feeling. “Wah-wah Dad, I’m stressed.”  He told me, “Buck it up.” Kids – fyi- this is where I get the “Deal with it” philosophy from.

So I did.

I decided to do a “Dance-Off” the other night starting with an hour Zumba Class, than a 45 minute Hip-Hop Class. Although I was sweating profusely following the second class I still asked to join in my daughter’s private for a little extra Zumba. Ya buddy. I broke out in hives before the session even ended.

The good news is I was so motivated I was up until 3:30 AM cleaning.

The not so good news? The psychic vibe I had about NOT wanting to go a seminar for work the next day was spot on as I became completely frenzied trying to find the meeting room in one of our office Buildings. After tearing around for 20 minutes, harassing the Staff in the building as well as the Receptionist for a map, I finally discovered from a very well informed person on the elevator I was in the WRONG building altogether. Sooo, ya we’ll give that seminar another go maybe next month.

There have been a few recent laughs/milestones I have captured using the camera on my annoying/confusing/fascinating new cell phone which Princess Grace made of fun because of the extra-large size. But hey, at least I cannot lose it;)

My old coot reached Couch Status

I never allowed my dogs on the furniture before. However after seeing Layla suffer so with her last surgeries and knowing she in the twilight in her life now, I have relented in allowing them the couch. Interestingly, Bosco still will not get on it.

Bosco Snuggles Mini-Me

Since the new carpet has been installed in my Master Bedroom, dogs and kids cannot get enough of the comfy carpet as evidence by this photo

 Mini-Me remains my only non-vegetarian child, actually tries to avoid eating any veggies whenever possible. She thought by creating a smiley face out of them tonight, I would be convinced she needn’t consume them.

Nice try:)


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