Daily Drama – Wilting Upon the Altar

Didn’t I mention I don’t know jack-shit about flowers? Yes I believe I did. Yet, somehow I became in charge of THE Flower Committee at Church.

How so?

Well at the last Committee  Meeting, the Chairman quickly advised this is where the greatest need was so I heard myself agreeing to take this on (although I did issue the warning, I am great with decorating but not flowers). Unfortunately, I didn’t even make it to Week 2 without killing the two entire vases of flowers before they even made them to the altar. Ya. I didn’t know until I consulted Google just now, flowers don’t like significant temperature changes. Annd, I had forgotten my fridge was set to the lowest temp following the last power outage. Right. Therefore, the beautiful arrangements I had just picked up from the florist late yesterday began to wilt fast and furiously straight out of the fridge. Stems literally began to bend, break, and flowers heads either hung or fell from the vases.

At first I tried to removing the flopping flowers-heads which I collected in a glass, but soon discovered it was a losing battle

I did what I could with them, and booked it to the Church early this AM to tell the Pastor. As I hustled to the front, with the wilted arrangements, I could see she was already at the pulpit. I quickly explained what I had done, and said I’d reimburse the donator of  this week. Peering down she said, “I think they’ll be just fine, leave them please.”

So I did.

For the next hour and half I sat in the very last row crouching lower and lower in the pew to avoid any view of the dying florals. My son however was highly amused by the situation, and kept elbowing me in the ribs, snickering as he pointed out, “Hey Mom, LOOK you killed all the flowers, another head just fell off!”

Live and Learn.


  1. This one gave me big chuckle! Especially that last one liner from your son. He is divinely inspired. ★★★

    • Thanks:) My lad did not complain once today during the service as he was busy counting the falling flower parts.

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