annoying Tale – Just say Nothing

After weeks of ignoring everyone, everywhere my big mouth came back and with no warning. I am actually annoying MYSELF with it.  Like why do I have to say something? Just say Nothing. Right?

For instance was it really necessary for me to share with the basketball dad who was talking my ear off on Saturday how very much I have been enjoying the practices on a “visual” level?

You see my son has never played before. Soccer has been his main sport. I have only known racing along the grassy sidelines cheering the team on. I absolutely love the outdoor open field and fresh air. No confinement.

Therefore, I was not at all thrilled to enter the sweaty-smelling gym, and felt immediately caged within the tight quarters. However knowing my son is a bit apprehensive being new and all, I have stayed for each practice. I also noted I am the only mom there. Why, I don’t know. But so far there are just other dads, including the one who always joins me as I sit perched upon a stack of gym mats. Observing.

So this past Saturday, he would not stop talking and even though I was basically drowning him out hearing only,  “Wah, wah, wah, wah-wah” as the adults in a Charlie Brown Special sound, I was still distracted and suddenly I heard myself telling him I was “busy.”

Busy doing what?

Busy watching all the TALL Basketball Coaches hustle back and forth in sweats. Bending. Side-shuffling. Shooting.


I told my new friend how fascinated I was as I have never seen so many long, lean men at once -and being a short curvy sort, I like me a tall drink of water. He got very quiet after that. Ya. Go me and my big mouth.

Now I understand why the ladies on “Basketball Wive’s” are constantly pissed off. Women are always checking out their men.


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