Daily Drama – Dr. Games

After a week straight of coughing the last thing I needed today were Games at the new Dr.’s office.

Ok so maybe I am not a star patient. I did jokingly ask that they put me on the Do Not Weigh List.  I mean geez I’ve got another Dr. weighing me every 6 fracking weeks, including next Wednesday, and I was just not in the mood to back onto that Bad Larry today.

Once I was in the examining room the Medical Assistant asks what my symptoms are. Next I get the, “Are you on any medications?”  Well ya. Duh.  “Aren’t they in my Medical Record?” I asked. I had detailed them out in June when I first transferred there. I also found this just a tad alarming as I called the office the day before to ensure it was safe for me take cold medicine with the prescriptions I am on.  But the assistant replied, “No, we have nothing noted here.” Wooow. So I ask my daughter (who was kind enough to accompany me after just driving down from Maine) to get my medication bag out of the car for me.

While I am listing them out, the Dr walks in and asks, “Did you just come in here today to show us your medications?” I wanted to say, “Oh ya totally. I decided to up and leave work at the most inopportune time today, dragging my college kid with me because I have absolutely NOTHING better to do than show you guys all the pretty pills I take.”

But instead I raspily replied, “No, I am sick, like I said I was when I called and made the appointment.”  Then the Dr. says, “I didn’t even know you were coming today.” Oi! At this point drama Jr. is getting annoyed so she pipes up, “Should we ask for you personally next time we call to make an appointment, so you’ll know?

Finally I find my voice and add, Can we stop with the Games and get on with the deep breathing because I really think I have bronchitis.”


  1. Yep, the dreaded medical appointment s… repeat dumb question s… makes me laugh and want to tear my hair out simultaneously!

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