Daily Drama – Handled with Care

Soooo the Worship Chair Committee Head called today to make sure the Poinsettias I had picked up for the Church today will be “ok” with me until Saturday, and proceeded to give approximately 9,000 detailed instructions as to how they should be Handled with Care.


I did not take any offense to this. After all I did single-handedly manage to wilt two entire beautiful floral arrangements in weeks past. But I think I’ve got this one. Still, I could not not help myself but laugh and tell her, “Actually I was really worrying about my dogs being safe with all these Poinsettias around.” She asked if I had planned to put them up high. So I responded, “Of course I will keep them up high, but have you ever been to my house?” “No,” she replied.

“Well you really must come then,” I told her. “It is like the circus around here every night. My kids are always showing me new tricks, my male boxer Bosco walks on his front paws just like magic simply to avoid any shit in his way, and I have seen my ol’ Layla girl jump 5 feet trying to catch a fly.”

-and that’s no lie.


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