Daily Drama – Time to Shop

It’s precisely 14:23 on 12/23 and things are actually beginning to look like Christmas around  here. Yup!


I suppose it is Time to Shop now.

This realization didn’t quite hit until my son’s best bud stopped yesterday afternoon. I call for him to come on in. He started off by staying he had a gift he for my son his mom said he needed leave under our tree. Then I noticed his voice fell silent.

He was probably shocked at the sight of me straddling two chairs in my living room, panting and grunting, while attempting to dismember an angel from the star with which usually sits atop our LIVE tree -but that I discovered was too heavy for the “step above a Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree I picked up from Target on Friday night. I paused for a breath, motioned for him to  leave the little guy’s gift on a nearby chair and said, “You can go upstairs and play with Trev, sorry we don’t have your present yet. I am just a tad behind and haven’t started shopping yet, so we’ll be getting your gift tomorrow.”

He replied, “That’s ok. My dad is behind with his shopping this year too.”

Great kid!

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