party Tale – Post holiday Show

My kids kicked off a post Holiday show which began on Christmas Day and the party has been non-stop ever since.

Mini-Me wanted to model all her new clothing for me, cracking jokes the entire time:  At a pair of  jeans which were a tad too short for her long, thin legs she shrugged and said, “Well I guess I can wear these as capris.” Seeing herself in the faux-fur vest I was certain she would be thrilled with, she announced she looked like, “Fresh-kill.”  She added some kids at school wear “cats” on their feet so perhaps she could wear a “bear” although it would “freak her out.” LOL! She may be ever quiet,  but definitely inherited some of her mother’s sarcastic humor.

I the most entertained by her reaction to the Vera Bradley bag which I had carefully considered before purchasing. She had fantasized at having one for years, but I had told her there were just too expensive. Finally, I found a pattern on sale which I thought was perfect for her. So I ensured I bought her two pieces -one being the very biggest bag in the collection as she spends at least 30 minutes each morning before school trying to shove all of her ‘”stuff” into her book bag.

Well apparently, it is SO large she can nearly fit into it. She demonstrated this for me, or alternately showed me how she can hide behind it…or even bust her way onto the school bus for a seat now.

She kept shouting, “COMING THROUGH!”


Also, my father had warned me on Christmas Day *not* enter my son’s room as it resembled a “mini-man-cave” with a sign on the door reading “Do Not Disterb”. Thus far I have heeded this warning, although Bosco has opted to hang in the cave with his bone. Mini-Me, aka “The Informer” who was in charge of watching little brother while I worked from home yesterday, advised me he was up there mixing some bubbly potion with the Chemistry set which had “real elements” she’d read on the box.

What the what?!? “Who gave him that gift?,” I asked. “Santa,” she replied. Seriously? Well apparently Santa was very tired while she shopping this year. So I summoned my boy to head down to my “office” where he announced he has transformed into “Mad Scientist.” Pissa. 


When I heard him hop in the shower at 11PM last night I did not comment.

I just hope we make it through this week without setting the roof off up in here.


  1. Precious memories!

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