Daily Drama – Simple Equation

As a result of me enjoying some sweet treats my children were so kind to give as stocking stuffers this year I discovered one Simple Equation:

Sugar Babies + Raisinets = Crown Removers

My son however, could not understand why I was not excited “I’d lost a tooth” since now the Tooth Fairy would visit. I explained to him this was not the case for adults. I did not however mention the major cash I will be dropping to get this bad boy recemented, nor the certain trauma I’ll face with another stand-off with Mr. Thirsty at the Dentist’s office. I also told my son I most certainly could NOT be seen in public missing a tooth.

“Why?,” he asked, “I do it all the time.” Then he added, “You can’t even see it even when you smile, and it’s not like Inspector Gadget (is this guy really still around?!?) is going to be looking in your mouth.” Point taken.

TDecMissingTooth Don'tFrown

So I guess I won’t frown about the missing crown.

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