Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Daily Drama – Hamster Cannibalism

Reposting this Tale in Honor of my son’s hamster Hannibel…(formerly known as Blaze until my Bad Ass Dad renamed him after the following tale)…Sadly, Hannibel passed away this morning. According to the Pet Store the two gents my son was given as birthday gifts, Chinese Hamster Dwarfs (unlike many rodent species), would live in together …

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jr. Tale – Apple meet Tree

Although I fondly refer to my 21 year-old daughter as drama jr., I often wish it wasn’t so…but the truth is, she is just like me. Sometimes it is uncanny. So let’s just say I was not at all surprised last night to get the following series of rapid Facebook Chat messages regarding her displeasure …

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Daily Drama – Break Week

Are we really sure it is Break Week from school again already?  We are? Ok.  And ya, somehow I managed to get myself 5 days off in a row. Not even sure how my boss let that happen, but I am seriously considering reporting myself back to work. Today. It’s not that my kids don’t …

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