Daily Drama – Break Week

Are we really sure it is Break Week from school again already?  We are? Ok.  And ya, somehow I managed to get myself 5 days off in a row. Not even sure how my boss let that happen, but I am seriously considering reporting myself back to work. Today.

It’s not that my kids don’t like to hang out with me.

Actually let’s be honest here. My son doesn’t. He gives no shits. I literally have to go up to his mini-man cave to ask him what he is doing, and each time he sounds mildly highly annoyed I am even checking in. That is until the sun goes down, and he quizzes me as to “what time” I’ll be back from dance class.

Hey at least Mini-Me likes to kick it with me.


After about a day I can tell she is getting bored with Mom. She won’t harass me exactly, but will just annoy the ever-living-daylights out of me in her quiet but persistent way. Usually it involves some sort of examination of the dogs (ie. nipple counting). Or this time, she reported how Bosco has a belly-button (with lint included), but Layla does not. For some reason I found this highly nauseating. I don’t think my diet-soy-chalk shakes are helping matters much either. Of course this only allowed Mini-Me to segway into another topic. My churning stomach, and why don’t I try Jenny Craig?  Thankfully she actually found a friend awake at 9:30 AM and was able to find some true enjoyment.

Sooo I am actually looking forward to the meeting today with the Church Worship Committee Chair after I had booked it out of the last meeting early announcing I had a Dance Class to get to, which was fact not fiction. However this Sunday she caught up with me and advised a one-on-one on my next day off would be a good idea to ensure I am “clear” on the flowers for Easter.

Me, not clear on flowers? Whatever gave you that idea? 

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