jr. Tale – Apple meet Tree

Although I fondly refer to my 21 year-old daughter as drama jr., I often wish it wasn’t so…but the truth is, she is just like me.

Sometimes it is uncanny. So let’s just say I was not at all surprised last night to get the following series of rapid Facebook Chat messages regarding her displeasure over the less than stellar efforts put forth by some on a group project for a class where she is a Jr at UNE Westbrook Medical Campus in Portland, Maine:

– drama jr: 

i have to do this whole fricken project and it is due tomorrow and they wait til the last minute for everything. 

one girl is like, ill just do my portion tomorrow am at 4 am!!!!!!  

wuttt?!!! noooo you wont. 


ahah i was tempted to send u wut my partner wrote and wut the directions say so u could see wut im dealing with. but i gave her some suggestions and she added them in. of course i had to make a few more additional edits cuz im anal.
–  me:  Well I am glad it is done! I am so tired, and this diet is gross. Like Nasty!


– drama jr.:

omg so part one of our group paper we got a 76. 

why?! cuz those idiots didn’t answer the questions correctly but my part was good 

but the teacher is letting this group that got a 75 redo theirs so my partner and i re-did ours and left it in her mailbox


i also emailed her.. do u think this sounds good to send to her?  (sends me copy of e-mail she’d sent the Professor rallying support for her group and kindly requesting  they have a second chance)

– me:  Why the letter, cause these chics can’t get their act together?

– drama jr.: yea dude, i am not  accepting a f-ing 76 in the easiest class i have!!! 

– me:  Oh wow!

– drama jr.: 

ughh they wrote a paper using we, our, me, my friend…


the only time you put yourself in a paper is when you’re stating your opinion. and one of these girls has a degree in journalism!!! 

 shes 29 and already has her associates.. like how the f did u make it through school with a writing degree?!



Uh-huh. Apple meet Tree.

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