Daily Drama – Hamster Cannibalism

Reposting this Tale in Honor of my son’s hamster Hannibel…(formerly known as Blaze until my Bad Ass Dad renamed him after the following tale)…Sadly, Hannibel passed away this morning.

According to the Pet Store the two gents my son was given as birthday gifts, Chinese Hamster Dwarfs (unlike many rodent species), would live in together in perfect harmony so long as they were raised together as babies.  And they did.  For two years.

Until Friday morning.

Apparently Blaze woke up and decided, “f – it! I don’t like you today,” and ate his roommate Albert. I knew something was wrong because when I did the dreaded Hamster Wellness Check they were awake and these mother-truckers are nocturnal.

Let me rephrase. I thought they were awake and that Blaze was on top of Albert. It wasn’t until my son and I lifted the cover to get a closer look  that we discovered he was actually gutting Albert head first. Yup!

And this Hamster would not be deterred. Generally moving the cage will cause these critters to run for cover. Nope. I tried poking him with a pencil. No dice. My son was sick to his stomach so I had move to the cage to the kitchen. Downstairs with two crying kids I knew it was time for me to take charge, so I started saying STOP:

Hamster stop eating Hamster. Kids stop saying you are traumatized for life. Dogs stop running around the cage in a tribal circle.

Effective? Eh, well Blaze did take little breaks from chowing on Albert to spin the wheel, but quickly jetted back to the body. And since I didn’t think Hamster Cannibalism would qualify as a reason for calling out of work, I had to leave.

That is, after calling my Bad Ass Dad who agreed to come over and extract Blaze from feeding on Albert. We also explained to my son, the truth is, rodents are solitary animals (no matter what the Pet Store said) so whether they had a fight or Albert was sick or dying, Blaze was only doing what was in his nature.

My son reports Blaze is much happier now, and even licked his hand today.  Ewwwe;)


  1. We had the same thing happen with our dwarf hamsters. I walked in on my birthday to a hamster missing his eyeball. We have 2 left and I can hear them fighting at night. Just get it over already. I can’t stand getting up 10 times a night with every noise to make sure little freckles is alive. If its daylight, they are cuddled up happily together 😦

    • Woow. I knew these guys would get really loud at night in my son’s room but we thought they were ok together. Guess not.

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