proud Tale – Is it Wrong?

Question? Is it Wrong of me to be proud of the qualities my children may have inherited from me – Good or Bad?

Take for instance my son’s “tell it like it is” philosophy.

Like the time I was strolling through the grocery store and he asked why I was going to Zumba Class again when I should be home with him. I explained it is to keep fit. He replied, “Hey Mom -the Zumba- it’s not working. You’ve been going,  for what, a year now right? You haven’t lost any weight yet, so it’s time to step it up!” While my mouth was still hanging WIDE open he strolled over to a rack of DVDs which just happened to be in the produce section of Shaw’s and added, “You need to start working out with your boyfriend again (aka Billy Blank) -remember him?” With that he dropped “Taebo Express”  into my Shopping Cart.

 That’s MY little buddy.

Or how about Mini-Me?

Barely speaks above a whisper in public. Nonetheless she is starting to exhibit  my snarky-sarcasm. Such as when we pulled up to a gathering once, and she sighed loudly. “Is something wrong?,” I asked. She responded,  “My wish didn’t come true, I was hoping ‘‘The Beast” wouldn’t be here today.”  Oi!!!  Her lastest-greatest? Repeatedly muttering “Abracadabra! Oh, you’re still here?” whenever she is annoyed with someone. Myself included.

Ya so I’m pretty impressed with my kids.

Is it Wrong?

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