Daily Drama – Going on Here

Drama Jr. strolled in yesterday and asked,  “What’s Going on Here?”  I replied, “You mean what’s NOT going on here.”

I quit taking my Migraine Meds hence my OCD returned full force at 4AM. Sooo, I tore apart the house convinced I could have a  re-org done by 7:30AM in time to VPN for work. Ya. The thing is I wasn’t counting on lightening knocking out  my piece of shit router again.  While I spent 2 hours troubleshooting hardware,  my little lad had a mini-mantrum because he didn’t like the breakfast choices and accused me of starving him.

Needless to say, I didn’t kick off work on time and it only got worse from there as my nerves were shot, I got a Migraine –and I spent the day trying to concentrate on my work while Layla kicked her water dish incessantly to remind me Bosco had drunk out of HER bowl again (ie. every other hour in the 90 degree heat).

Upon returning home, my son resumed another fit insisting he “had” to go to the Ice Cream Social at the school because there were “at least 30 kids waiting” for him. I said, “I don’t give a shit care if there will be 3000 kids waiting, you have Dance! At which point Drama Jr. entered. After listening to all of the aforementioned my 21 year-old snickered, told her baby brother, “Get off the floor you look like an idiot!,” and walked away.

If only it had stopped there. But it didn’t. Later on, Mini-Me (aka Snow White), insisted she needed to know what a “Thirsty-Hoe” was.

“Heck if I know, I shouted (by this point completely frenzied), “Google it!”

Well I be damned, that shit is on U-tube. Who knew?


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