Daily Drama – Flower Power

As I have mentioned more than once, being on the Worship Committee at Church, part of this means I am in charge of the flowers. I know nothing about flowers but really great with decorating, crafts and take exceptional pride about doing everything well and doing it right.

Yet it seems I can get never anything right with these flowers. So I am constantly being micro-managed by the Worship Head. No word of a lie it took 4 hours the Sunday before  Easter until I had placed the Flowers properly around the altar to her satisfaction.

Today a year later, my patience finally wore out when she asked if I could bring the flowers to the church earlier in the week because she didn’t think they were there soon enough. I said, “Sorry but no. Why wouldn’t this have been mentioned from the start? I barely have time to pick up the arrangements on Saturday before the Florist closes.”  I went on to say I really felt despite my best efforts I receive nothing but criticism here, that I had purposely chosen a small congregation but this place seemed very cliquey, it was annoying how she walked around staring during the service instead of worshiping, did she even realize or appreciate how often I pay for the flowers myself because there were so few worshipers here…and furthermore isn’t Church supposed to be about God and people?

All of a sudden my phone started vibrating…I looked down and noticed  it was Mini-Me Facebook chatting. Apparently she had snuck in to where the two of us were talking “privately” – listening to every word.

 I read her message: “Don’t get ur panties up in a bunch…o wait u don’t have any panties on”

Wooow. I quickly apologize to the Worship Head and walk out.

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