Daily Drama – Done!

Ya so I think my job here is Done.

Mini-Me is off vacationing this week and in her typical fashion is ignoring all forms of communication. She is pretty fantastic at that. The ignoring thing. I sort of admire this trait about her actually, Although it IS annoying as all heck when I want to get a hold of her. She never does answer her phone, and this days on end sh&t has me fit to be tied.

Unlike Drama Jr. and myself who are complete and total maniacs – “Let’s go! Let’s go now! Where the fruck is everyone?!? We have to get this done!” – Mini-Me is very calm, easy-going. agreeable, kind, and exceptionally patient,.

The funniest thing about her?  While she can walk a mean stride, she finds no reason to rush. Anything!

So if you try to confront her about something, she simply ignores you.  It is probably why she has never had her heart broken.  To my knowledge, no one has been able to quite catch her yet.  If she gets chased too hard or they misstep, she just very nicely walks away. And forgot trying to get any information out of her. She will not say a word!  To anyone!

But get this! After both her and Drama Jr. leave in the SAME WEEK and I am already suffering major withdrawals so I’m texting, calling, e-mailing some of it about important stuff.  Really, I am not just a Mom freaking out. Ok I am a Mom freaking out. Yet still, I do have to information to pass along to her. Finally in MY typical fashion I contact her friend she is with and ask her to have Mini-Me call me!!!

At last, Mini-Me gets back to me and I remind her it doesn’t take much time to respond and my sweet, agreeable, kind daughter replies,

“Mommy, it’s not as if the world is going to come to an end.”


1 Comment

  1. shugbear

    Well played. The only thing you can do with is
    hope someday you’ll get to use that line on her.

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