Daily Drama – Coffee, Tea, Who Me?!?

HappyBDayCupI admit it.  Coffee Hour does not interest me. After Church, I have places to go. Usually a visit with my Mom or Dad. However this month, I was voluntold to pick a week to host, as it is the Worship Committee’s month for Coffee Hour. 

I’m no Bette Crocker. But I can bake. When I’m in the mood. I am after all the resident Birthday cake baker for everyone at work.

In any event,  just when I’m thinking this really couldn’t be difficult I receive an evening phone call from the Worship Committee Head where she fires  off about 50 different types of coffee and tea I’d need to make, “Regular. Plain. Flavored. Decaf. Half-Cafe…”

Whoa, heeey, wait a minute here. Coffee?!?

Don’t drink it. Never brewed it. Not a clue how to. But I say, “Sure thing,” and make a mental note to call my daughter away at college for consult as she does drink coffee – and works at Dunk’n Donuts.  For one, what the fruck is a Half-Cafe? 

So we should be good to go here.

And if it’s no one’s Birthday tomorrow,  it’s about to be because I only have muffin liners which say, “Happy Birthday!”

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