Daily Drama – Sick Feet

Today sucked. Totally.

Right as I am getting into the Holiday groove I get the wind knocked out of me by bronchitis.  After sucking on a bottle of NyQuil for a couple of days I dragged my sorry ass back to work. Unfortunately I swapped over to “Daygels” not realizing they’re synonymous to dryheaves. Good times. 

Still, I had an appointment I couldn’t break so onward I marched. At this point, giving ZERO shits what I looked like I threw on some stretch pants (yep, stretch not yoga), slipper socks, sports bra, and t-shirt…cause I’m hot as fruck  -then without even checking for camel-toe headed out the door.

Were all eyes on me at the meeting? Well ya. That is until I announced I may vomit at any moment.

Suddenly no one wanted to look in my direction at all.

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