Daily Drama – TGIF


Why?!? Let’s recap shall we?

Monday I come into work. Still groggy. I mean 10AM is the crack of dawn isn’t it?  I hear my Staff give me greetings. I mumble back. Log onto to my Computer and start chatting a Staff member privately via g-chat:

Me to Steve: I know you have this very important presentation today. I really tried to pull it together even though I was up all night and I forgot to take my migraine meds, blah, blah, blah

Steve: What presentation?!?

I am thinking… Really? You’ve been prepping for 2 months, how can you be asking me this.

I go to respond and realize Steve is not actually Steve but a woman in Accounting.

Me: Sorry you’re not Steve

Woman in Accounting: LOL

Me: Story of my Life

Woman in Accounting: I hear ya.

So if anyone says Accountants don’t have a sense of humor, they are mistaken

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