Pre-baby days, dramamama flipped burgers at Mickey D’s, and rather liked it. At age 19 she joined the Army, and while she may have provided much comic relief to the Drill Sergeants, she also nearly wiped out her entire platoon during grenade training. Later, after deciding it was a really good idea to settle down with the biggest bad boy she could find, she welcomed a daughter in 1992. From then on, she worked as a Nanny, which enabled her to attend college, two daughters in tow (another came along in 1995). Upon earning a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science, she worked at the American Red Cross. Three years later, she switched gears and began to work for a medical software company which develops and supports information systems for healthcare facilities world-wide. During her 14+ year tenure, the last of her tribe arrived (a son) in 2003.

The party really never stops for dramamama as she balances her career while entertaining the troops -which also include two crazy Boxers whom love the chaos ‘round there.  She enjoys dancing the night away and is also a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor. Although writing has always been a passion of hers -to escape to complete lunacy dramamama picked up Blogging as a past-time during a medical leave for carcinoma in 2012, all while eating lasagna in bed delivered by well-wishers morning, noon, and night.

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