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annoying Tale – Just say Nothing

After weeks of ignoring everyone, everywhere my big mouth came back and with no warning. I am actually annoying MYSELF with it.  Like why do I have to say something? Just say Nothing. Right? For instance was it really necessary for me to share with the basketball dad who was talking my ear off on Saturday how very …

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keepin’ on reality tv Tale – Want me a Sister Wife

Yep, I am back at it again. To critiquing Reality  TV that is. Not that I have any qualifications what-so-ever. Let’s keep it real though. What does one really need besides a TV, a remote, and an opinion? Oh yes, and time. Not that I have of it these days. But I did. More than I wanted to for a month straight, and …

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reality Tale – Are these Housewive’s for Real?

Generally, I have to be very selective about the television I watch given that by the time I collapse into bed at night I am usually soon asleep.  When I do watch TV, I usually favor the darker dramatic programming which constantly plays on ID Discovery. Well, last year I finally decided to get myself a DVR,  then during my four weeks of Medical Leave …

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