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In Remembrance – 9/11

Originally posted on talesofadramamama:
To me, today is a day of remembrance to think of all whom were tragically lost, including a member of our company, traveling on business when Flight 11 hit the North Tower. Now, is also the time to celebrate the heroism which still existed in the face of such senseless evil…

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Daily Drama – Casual Friday

You know things are bad when my 11-year-old son is giving me advice. And I’m taking it. Yaa. I’ve really been riding that struggle bus lately. So when my very smart boy overheard me complaining about how tired I am by week’s end, he told me just how to handle the situation. It was all good …

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Daily Drama – Coffee, Tea, Who Me?!?

I admit it.  Coffee Hour does not interest me. After Church, I have places to go. Usually a visit with my Mom or Dad. However this month, I was voluntold to pick a week to host, as it is the Worship Committee’s month for Coffee Hour.  I’m no Bette Crocker. But I can bake. When …

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