atm Tale – All too Mystifying

Here’s the thing people…Just because there was a long moment of silence when my boss asked me to go to the “download area” of my PC doesn’t mean I don’t know my shit. I totally know my shit. And even though I give him blank stares when he asks where my calcs have gone in the Excel Spreadsheets he sets up for me annually doesn’t mean I don’t have it going on. I SO have it going on.

However atm cards? Those are All too Mystifying!

No joke.

People may find it had to believe but up until about a year ago I had never EVER had one. I simply didn’t to be able to easily access my own money. So while merchants and customers alike glare at me in line while I skillfully sign my very long name, I have continued to write checks.

Well I finally caved and got one, but still I use it mainly for on-line purchases, traveling expenses and so forth. Therefore it should make the following story far easier to believe:

A few weeks ago I was heading out for long overdue Girl Night Out. My friends had picked me up, and were in the center of town by the time I realized I had dashed out the door without grabbing the cash I had left out on the table. I said, “No worries, I can just use my card to pay for dinner.” My girlfriend, however, suggested it might be easier if I just grab cash out of from the ATM in the center of town

She pulls up her car curbside to my bank in the center of town and I am must have given my signature “confused look” as immediately the girls start cracking and asking if I needed help. Ummm, well, I had never gone into one of these here ATMs, but I laughed it off saying , “No I’m fine!”

I run up and try to yank open the glass door. Locked! Hmmmm. I try sliding my card into between the locked the door. No dice. Next, I notice a red flashing laser light in the door. Ah-ha! So you have to run your card in front of the light, just like my badge at work. Nope!


Finally after 5 baffling minutes I jet back to the car, and notify my friend driving that I am need of assistance after all. Once the ladies figure out what I have been trying to do, their laughter is abundant.

Turns out the door I was trying to open by using my atm card was the Main Bank Door. Sliding it in between the door frame. Ya buddy. The red beam I was waving my card at must have been some type of security sensor. Go me!

Oh well. It’s been a few weeks now, and I haven’t heard anything so I guess I’m good;)

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