holiday Tale – “What’s Going on Here?”

Tonite my sweet Mini-Me  shoved her brand new Samsung phone in face with her calendar displayed announcing, “Yup, just 5 more days until Christmas,” then turned to ask her little brother if he was” fine” with having a “Charlie Brown tree” since we have no tree at all yet.  Next, she tortured me by blasting the entire holiday album by the none other than “The Biebs” until I shouted, “Whoever bought you that phone is going take it back if you don’t knock the volume down!”

“What’s Going on Here? No decking of these halls, that’s for sure.

No tree? No problem. My usual OCD-panic alarms haven’t even sounded off. I figure so long as the tree is up before Santa arrives- it’s all good. The rest of the stuff can stay in the box this year. My mind is on more important things. Christmas really isn’t about the decorations anyway. Fortunately, my kids truly do understand.

Mini-Me sent this from her phone as I sat writing:)


Hey, at least I was notified today by my office as to what exactly I am serving for Christmas dinner. Good thing, since I cannot remember shit, including what I had selected for the annual company gift – a turkey or ham. Turns out, not only did I select the turkey, I selected it for one of our office buildings I don’t even work at. I wonder if they have had that happen before. EVER. Fortunately someone was kind enough to deliver it for me. Later in the day, one of my staff snickered and announced, “Your Turkey has arrived.” 

I am starting to wonder how long this “Not Giving a Rat’s Ass” feeling is going to last, but I wasn’t even mildly concerned when my daughter informed me right before she headed to bed, “Mommy I want to tell you, Bosco just had a field day licking your favorite shoes.”

Hmmm. Not sure what to make of that one. I suppose it is better than the time I woke up to him licking my toes.

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